Vassivière Lake, a true seaside resort!

1000 hectares of fresh water in a sea of greenery ... At Vassivière, you have to choose between sports activities (sailing, water skiing, mountain biking, hiking ...) or healing and relaxation. Culture is also present with exhibitions at the International Center for Art and Landscape or festivals.

With more than 1000 ha of water, several beaches (Broussas, Vauveix…) and several ports, Vassivière is considered to be THE seaside resort in the centre of France.
Vassivière boat-taxis continually cross the Lake so that visitors can forget their cars and enjoy the Lake’s facilities from one end to the other… (free service)
Vassivière Lake offers a multitude of water-based activities: fishing, swimming, wind surfing, stand up paddle, water-skiing, canoeing… Lovers of land sports won’t be disappointed: 30 km of walking or mountain biking paths with the Shore Trail that runs round the lake. For the less athletic, the Lande du Puy de La Croix interpretation trail is more modest (2.5 km) and reveals breathtaking landscapes.
And as for culture, you won’t be disappointed either! Rendezvous on the Island and the International Centre of Art and Landscape in order to discover superb exhibitions of works by contemporary creators, visit studios, take part in the story-telling evenings and multiple festivals that make this place unmissable in Creuse culture.

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