In the footsteps of the Impressionist Painters

George Sand, Claude Monet, Armand Guillaumin ... between the works and inspiring landscapes, discover the unique setting of an open valley-workshop. At the confluence of the Creuse and Sédelle, come and admire the ruins of the farmer fortress of Crozant in the heart of the Valley of the Creuse.

Painted numerous times, present in the most prestigious museums across the world, described by several great writers, the Valley of the Impressionists is a symbol.
In the 19th century, numerous artists left their studios, set up their easels on the steep paths of the Valley and immortalised this unspoilt and wild countryside.
The ancient fortress of Crozant is the focal point of the Creuse Valley. The granite spur, on which the remains of the mediaeval fortress perch, overlooks the confluence of the Creuse and the Sédelle Rivers.
The Monet Rollinat Space in Fresselines organises numerous exhibitions and all the small, picturesque villages situated the length of the Valley (Crozant, Fresselines and Gargilesse) house numerous talented artists’ studios who are all intent on promoting the Creuse that is so dear to their hearts.
Come and relive the history of this valley and these painters in an unusual way through new technology at the new space: Hotel Lépinat, Guillaumin and the Creuse Valley Painters.
The Valley is also known for its numerous activities that offer: swimming from adapted riverbanks, canoeing or pedalos, outing on an excursion boat to discover the banks and, for the bravest, rock climbing on the steep cliffs.
Finally, for garden enthusiasts, come and appreciate nature while visiting the Sédelle Arboretum, the Clos du Préfons Gardens as well as the Garden of the Bergeraie.

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