The Monts de Guéret, tourist sites for all the family

The territory of the Monts de Gueret offers a range of diverse accommodation (lodges, guesthouses, lodgings villages, hotels, camping ...), a multitude of activities to share with your children and for the more energetic, you will not be staying with this playground-size!

Three key addresses in the Monts de Guéret area: the animal park, the Giant Labyrinth and the Sénatorerie Museum. The animal park, also called “The Wolf Park” is not to be missed. Observe the semi-wild wolves, something that is fascinating for both children and adults. Our good idea: come at feeding time in order not to miss them (around 4 PM).
The Labyrinth is a good outing for the whole family. 4.5 km of interlaced corridors, an immense playground and amusing riddles to solve in order to find the way out. At the exit, you can play numerous giant board games… Laughs guaranteed.
The Sénatorerie Museum is unexpectedly rich. It gathers together collections of works by the painters of the Creuse Valley, Dutch, Flemish and French masters of the 15th to 19th centuries, Limousin goldsmithing treasures, pieces of Asiatic art and collection of Celtic and Gallo-Roman archaeology…
The Monts de Guéret offers the possibility of taking part in several activities linked to the countryside.
A few examples… Swimming at Courtille, sailing, fishing or even canoeing on the Creuse at Glénic. For those looking for new thrills, have a go at hang gliding, archery or rock climbing. The MTB space (French Cycling Federation approved) with its riding and trail paths is also appreciated. The outdoor sports school offers several options.

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