The Limousin Chestnut Groves, above all a natural wealth!

Large southwest of Haute-Vienne in Limousin, the Limousin Chestnut Grove lets you discover: the land and its know-how, a medieval heritage and link activities with the road Richard the Lion Heart, the outdoor recreation.

From the Gateway to Limoges up to the borders with the Périgord, the Charente and the Corrèze, the Limousin Chestnut Groves make up an essentially rural area graced with a rich natural and cultural heritage. The origin of its name comes from the presence, since antiquity, of the chestnut tree.
If you choose to go on an escapade to the heart of the Limousin Chestnut Groves, you can also learn about clay, kaolin, granite, gneiss, meteorites, gold
Looking for a different activity, a way of having fun with your children, a chance to play at being a knight (archery and crossbow shooting, games and workshops)? Head for Lastours (30 km south of Limoges).
One can’t talk about this area without mentioning the martyr village of Oradour-sur-Glane.
History has had a deep impact on the area. It can be found in the numerous châteaux and Romanesque churches that can be spotted from the villages and winding roads that cross the countryside. The Richard the Lionheart cultural and tourist route links this heritage.
Walking is a common activity. Other outdoor activities are on offer: the Valley of the Vienne and its tributaries (canoe-kayak and fishing), the old Bussière-Galant/Oradour-sur-Vayres railway line (bike-rail, roller skates and bikes on the green trail).

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