Aubusson or the art of weaving history

The town of Aubusson is known and recognized as the Capital of Tapestry. It also offers to its visitors a remarkable architectural heritage, witness of a historic past. Labeled "Most beautiful detours in France" Aubusson is exceptional: the panorama that one discovers the climbing in the hills is fabulous.

Aubusson is a town of art and history. A town of art for its globally recognised tapestries listed as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage. Centuries of creativity have made Aubusson the capital of low-loom weaving. All the professions are represented: spinners, dyers, weavers, cartoon designers, restorers…
You can admire ancient or contemporary works at the Départemental Tapestry Museum, which will soon become the International City of Tapestry. In the centre of town, come and meet a weaver and watch a demonstration of weaving in visiting the Weaver’s House. This visit is recommended for children who can become ‘apprentice weavers’.
Aubusson has also a remarkable architectural heritage with its turreted houses, the Terrade quarter, the Clock Tower, the church, the old street, the remains of the Château…
In climbing above the town, you can admire the Creuse and its meanders, the view of the town, the terraced gardens, the houses separated by narrow alleys….

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